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Picture the scene: The bright lights rain down with all the intensity of the scorching sun. A solitary figure stands, unmoving, encompassed by a shadowy flurry of people. The low dull, grumble of the distant crowd is halted by the piercing clank of gritty iron plates. A name is called. The figure stirs, stepping forward; waist fixed with leather, wrists bound. The lifter takes to the platform. For one eternal moment all is still, the world is gone. Suddenly fierce hands reach out and clamp around the coarse steel bar. All at once the weight is tortuously raised from the ground like a ship torn from its moorings in a storm. The bar grinds upward, agonisingly slowly, across bare flesh. The crowd cry out, screeching with vehement encouragement. Teeth clench as every vein is forced to the surface of the skin, the lifter growls with untamed fury. Then everything stops. Everyone stops: the lifter, the crowd, the judges. Everyone- like dust hanging in shafts of light. The lifter stands motionless. The bar raised to the exultant adoration of the crowd… “good lift.”

Now picture the figure: Imagine this Adonis. The curvature of every muscle defined beneath bronzed skin. Arms built to carry the world on his shoulders and legs like great pillars supporting the weight of his chiselled physique. Now what if I told you that ‘the lifter’ is actually a five-foot-nothing teenage girl? The very idea is ludicrous, preposterous, ridiculous. Impossible. Right?

Wrong. That’s me.

I’m Hayley and I’m the only member of Team Rutherford who’s embodying the spirit of ‘Girl Power’. I took up lifting when I was fourteen shortly after my Dad’s return to powerlifting: I was with him in the gym one day when he was training and asked if I could try lifting and to utter disbelief I was actually pretty alright so I decided to keep it up. Feeling inspired by my shining example Ryan later did what all little siblings do and blatantly copied me; and thus Team Rutherford was born.

So here I find myself- a little girl in a big man’s world.

….Or so it would seem, the truth is in fact that there are no boundaries in powerlifting and no such thing as ‘your typical powerlifter’ because once you look past the stereotypes and the expectations you begin to realise that it doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old, a woman or a man; when you get down to it its just you against the bar:

So you better just shut up and lift!

01/09      Can’t stop the power…
As you know yesterday Team Rutherford hosted a powerlifting competition at the SECC. The running of the competition however was not without its hitches. For one thing we did not manage to get our hands on the elusive block-rocker; and for another thing we couldn’t use the plug-sockets so we didn’t have any power… well… any electricity.We had plenty of power.There were fantastic performances from each and everyone of the lifters. We witnessed some technical perfection as well as some really gutsy lifting. Some of the highlights of the competition were- Graeme Wilkins 165 kilo grinder squat,
Louise Murray’s “spider-crawl” bench press and Cathy MacCauslan awesome 72.5kilo deadlift (which we got to see a little jumping jack after) and Ryan Rutherford’s 180kilo ever-lasting deadlift (God knows how he actually managed to finish it).The best thing about yesterdays competition was the sense of camaraderie between all of the lifters and helpers. Sure Team Rutherford is “biologically” family but we couldn’t have pulled of yesterday with out the love and support of our friends and fellow lifters. Yesterday was (as Amelia put it) “one big family reunion”. It’s true what they say- there’s strength in numbers.So everything might not have gone exactly to plan yesterday, they may have moved our racks, taken away our chairs, and denied us access to the plugs – they can take away our electricity, but they can’t stop the power.
30/08     The search for the elusive block-rocker….
Its less than 24hours to go until the SFN expo and the pieces are finally starting to fall in to place. This week has been hectic to say the least. Its taken a lot of begging and frantic phone calls but we’ve managed to pull together enough volunteers for tomorrow (and we are so grateful to each and everyone of them). We have an absolutely fantastic lin…e up of lifters that’ll be getting ready right now to show of their stuff. The set up of the place looks amazing and our resident DJ (aka Ryan) has put together a kick ass soundtrack. The only thing we’re missing is a Block Rocker- now I dunno much (or anything) about technology but apparently this thing is a big ass battery powered ghetto blaster. Now I’m sure we’ll get by just fine without one but it would be awesome if we had one- I mean purely just based on its name alone, it makes it sound totally badass. So as tomorrow’s lifters get prepared to rock out and knock some blocks off I sit here trawling the internet continuing my search for the elusive Block Rocker… …
25/08/17      So, I spent most of yesterday staring at asses….
Ok, so that sounds slightly creepy. Allow me to elaborate- yesterday was my first time refereeing a competition. I’d been lifting in the morning so I was quite happy to be able to plank my bum in a chair for the remainder of the day. Little did I know that refereeing would be far from a relaxing wee sit down, instead I spent the afternoon (quite …literally) on the edge of my seat. Its one thing when you’re lifting; when you’ve done it so many times you sort of automatically know what and what not to do, but when you’re ref’ing its different, you have to be focused on looking out for all the little mechanical things. Hence the need to be fixated on peoples arms and legs and even- bums. So you see I was just checking squat depth, not checking anyone out… I swear… ..
05/08/16    How many powerlifters does it take to fix a windscreen wiper?
Yesterday was my first “solo mission”, when I competed in the BDFPA 4 Nations sans Paul or Ryan. Naturally I was a little nervous about lifting without my wingman but these nerves were soon disappated thanks to my roadtrip buddies Craig, Wullie, Tommy, Chris and Karen. In lieuof me being able to drive a car I instead hitched a ride in Craig’s people carrier. The from Scotland to Essex was eventful to say the least. Not two hours in the windscreen wipers broke and of course this being Scotland it was pissing it down with rain. The sheer volume of water formed a sort of glassy layer over the windscreen forcing Craig to roll down the window and use strategic guesswork to sense the cars in front of us as we hurtled down the motorway desparately searching for a place to pull over. Forty-five minutes passed and alas no service station and my visions of us dying in fiery inferno of trainers and spandex was becoming increasingly vivid. Once we eventually pulled over the problem was fixed simply enough. Well I say simply… How many powerlifters do you think it takes to tighten one windscreen wiper?- Apparently, four. 😛
Once we eventually arrived at the hotel the lucky boys hit up Nandos and got to stuff there faces whilst I munched on my little packed sandwich and then promptly went to bed. I won’t lie to you, I felt a little ill that night but assuming it to be pre-comp nerves I simply ignored it.
The next morning when we weighed in disaster struck. I was far far too light. So I swiftly set about scarfing down as many protein bars I could in an attempt to bulk up before the lifting began. No sooner had I finished my final squat when all of the food I had just put in to my body made a sudden reappearance. Kneeling over the toilet I had a sudden horrible thought that I would have to drop my openers for bench and deadlift but then I thought- F**k it, I didn’t come this far not to go all out. On top of which I was already ill so it sure as hell wasn’t going to get any worse.
Weight-drained, without my wingmen and 90% sure I was actually dying I managed to pick myself up and hit a PB total of 207.5kilos. I throughly enjoyed the 4 Nations, the atmosphere, the competitors and the camaraderie was absolutely fantastic. Team Scotland came second which I was very happy with considering we were just a little team and a well deserved first place went to  Team England. I genuinely couldn’t have done it though without the support of my roadtrip buddies who took care of me (the little unsupervised child 😉 ). And next year we’re all going to do our little roadtrip again but this time we’re going to Disneyland!! :O
… … just kidding… 😛
21/07/15      The perils of being a powerlifting “Cremette”
Ok so as my training regime for the 4 nations draws to a conclusion the weight-making healthy eating regime has kicked in. However I currently work in a little cafe (Cafe Creme, c’est super!) and whilst the work constantly keeps me on my toes, which I’m sure has contributed to me being able to maintain my competition weight more easily this time round…, I unfortunately spend my days standing behind a cabinet full of delicious cakes. Ok so I don’t actually sit and stuff my face full of cakes at work (well… not that much…) but we get staff lunches and everything is bread! And I mean everything. I mean, an essential component for me to maintain a healthy competition weight is usually avoid sugar and carbs which is damn near impossible when you work in a place where the only thing that isn’t sugar or carbs is the furniture! *Sigh* I guess I’ll just have to exercise the ol’ willpower for the next few weeks so I don’t end up rocking up to the competition more jammed full of carbs than the cookie monster….. 

17/07/14    Sun’s out, gun’s out

Whilst the rest of the population are getting their bikini bodies ready, Team Rutherford are gearing up for a Summer of some serious training. Especially with Hayley competing in the Four Nations and the whole clan attending the SFN expo thus August. Not only that but Ryan appears to be dangerously encroaching on his Old man’s territory in terms of lifting, could we be about to witness at Titan felled by his own progeny? Or has Paul got what it takes to prove that he’s the daddy…..

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